Sun Louvres

Concept Metal Ceilings
Suppliers of Luxalon® Hunter Douglas Architectural Products – Ceilings, Facades and Sun Control

LUXALON® Sun Louvre

A versatile advanced design, providing systems for open wall cladding, sun louvres and ventilation screens. 

The panels have the same profile and are available in tow dimensions: 70S with a height of 70mm and 132S, being 132mm high. 

These functional, yet aesthetically pleasing profiles can be installed at any module depending on the requirements of each specific application. 

Special Luxalon® mounting brackets are provided which ensure a secure installation of the panels. When installed as a vertical Sun Louvre, this system offers an effective and simple way to protect a building and its occupants against direct solar radiation. 

The interception of direct sunrays onto the window glass prevents excessive heat through solar gain. Intensive sunlight is reduced and the rooms are more evenly illuminated by diffused light. The open construction does now obstruct the view or the natural airflow and pockets of hot air will not build up along the facade.

In projects where air conditioning is incorporated the application of Luxalon® Sun Louvres will reduce the operating costs. This Luxalon® louvre system can also be applied for ventilation screens and offers an effective solution for creative installation such as open facade constructions in, for example, multi storey car parks.