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LUXALON® Custom Metal Tiles

No matter your style, our ceilings have the looks you love. Whatever your project’s needs, our Tile Ceilings give you the freedom to think inside or outside the box.


Luxalon® Tile Ceiling systems from Hunter Douglas offer the combination of style and functionality for which we are known. These systems are available in different installation concepts.

Lay-On and Lay-In Tiles provide easy access and are ideal for situations where regular maintenance or service is required on installations in the plenum. Clip-In Tiles are available in a wide variety of pre-defined square and rectangular module sizes that are common used in ceiling design. For frequent accessibility, swing down Clip-In Tiles can be included in the ceiling design.


Luxalon® Tile Ceiling systems are manufactured from durable aluminium or steel. Finished with a powder coating or produced from durable coil coated material, these ceilings will last longer and require less maintenance.


Perforated tiles improve acoustical performance as well as creating aesthetic effects. Luxalon® perforated Tiles come with a special sound-absorbing non-woven tissue glued into the panel, further enhancing acoustical performance.

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